Help Us Build An inClusion ClubHouse

We need a building for us to be able to provide more programs and services to our families.

$3,885 raised

$500,000 goal

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My name is Linda B. Hall, I am the mother of a developmentally delayed 19 year old girl with Cerebral Palsy named Djanai, a typically abled 10 year old girl Djaeda, and a typical 9 year old boy, Djordan and a 20 month old boy, Djulian.

As a family it has been a challenge for my husband and I to find activities in which the whole family could participate in, so I decided to create a space where we could include activities for everyone- a place that is totally accessible and fun for my older teenager in a wheelchair but still entertaining and fun for the younger kids to play and enjoy as well. A place where we could expose typically able kids to those who have disabilities and teach them to play with one another, building bonds and bridges, teaching compassion and patience, creating a stronger more tolerant community.

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