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Meet the Meadors

They say Life is What You Make It but what if the cards that you've been dealt make every day living a challenge?

Meet the Meadors', Karla, Dana, Zack and Esai (and grandma Ana Lemus). We met the Meadors back in 2014 for Djanai's Sweet 16 Willy Wonka Prom, although Zack and Djanai had gone to elementary school together Karla & I had never met. After Prom, Karla introduced me to her family and told me how much her family enjoyed the party and wanted to learn more about inClusion ClubHouse. Karla began attending play dates with her sons, Zack who has Cerebral Palsy, corticol blindness, scoliosis, a trach (breathing tube) and g-tube feeding tube and Esai. Karla began volunteering with the organization. Often times she would come with Esai and I would wonder why Zack wouldn't come and that's when she told me that transportation for him was an issue. She never made a big deal about it, but due to all of Zach's medical needs and equipment that needs to travel with him, they did not have a car big enough to hold everything and everyone. Zack could only come when either dad was around to help with his SUV or if there was an Access van available. This was sad because Zack really enjoys spending time with his friends. The past year it has become more challenging for Zack to attend, he almost missed Prom because the Access van was an hour and a half late and for summer camp he missed most days due to travel distance and mom had no way of getting him to activities. The one day Zack was able to make it to camp, they were stuck waiting outside in 90 degree weather for 2 hours because the Access van never showed up and they had to call dad to leave work in order to help get him home.

Recently, there was an emergency situation in which Zack's trach came out and the nurse could not get it back in. Getting him to the hospital was very tricky, transferring from his hospital bed in his room, to the wheelchair, into the SUV was almost a 30 minute process. They had to leave the wheelchair behind because they didn't have time to break it down and then put it back together. So they rushed him to the hospital pulled up to the ER and had to ask them to bring out a gurney to take him in. Zack was without his trach for almost 45 minutes. Can you imagine the tube that helps you breath not being in for almost 45 minutes?

Having an accessible van is a life changer for this family in so many ways.

1) Safety - it allows them a way to transport Zack safely to the hospital as well as doctors visits. Saving them valuable time that could be a matter of life or death in some situations. It is also safer for everyone caring for Zack, no one gets hurt trying to lift his heavy body which is often like lifting dead weight. Help Us Save a Few Backs too.

2) Quality of Life - it allows Zack the opportunity to experience the basic things that most people and children get to experience in life, a trip to the park, the movies and social gatherings.

3) Family Time - it will allow the whole family to travel together and experience more together.

Please help us give Zack and the Meadors a new lease on life. Our goal is to help raise enough money to help them get a wheelchair accessible van for their family. inClusion ClubHouse is more than a place, it is a community, we are families supporting families in whatever way we can so that they can be stronger and provide a better quality of life for their child/children with special needs.

Any and All Help is Appreciated! This Tuesday, November 28th, 2017 is extra special. Not only is it #GivingTuesday but the Halls (my husband, Pooch & I) Celebrate 20 years of marriage and we encourage everyone to give $20 for 20 years to help the Meadors. If you can give more, please do but $20 for 20 is pretty amazing too.

Thank you,

Linda B Hall


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